Program; Conference And Workshop In Tehran

This program is focused on the performing arts. 

Day Zero:

  • Arriving at Tehran
  • Accommodation, settling down, rest

Day One:

  • Introduction at an “Artist Talk” event at a theatre venue in Tehran

 Day Two:

  • Screening event of the past performance by the guest at an art space
  • Introduction to the three-day workshop
  • Introduction to the participants of the three-day workshop  

Day Three

  • Workshop day 2, practical segment
  • Social event, show and cafe night 1

Day Four

  • Workshop day 3
  • Backstage visit of a current show

Day Five

  • Workshop conclusion
  • Social event, show and cafe night 2

Day Six

  • Workshop’s finale event at an art gallery
  • Photo exhibition and screening

Day Seven

  • End of the program
  • Shuttle to the airport
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