Program; Isfahan With An Artist

Day zero

  • Road Trip from Tehran Intl. Airport to Isfahan
  • Stops in Qom and Kashan
  • Arriving in Isfahan at the accommodation, unpacking and rest.

Day one

  • Morning: City’s historic tour part 1
  • Afternoon: First meeting with the art students
    • Introduction of the guest artists and their projects
    • Introduction of the native artists as the co-participant

Day Two:

  • - Morning: City’s historic tour part 2
  • - Afternoon: Second meeting with the art students
  • -Conversations about the artworks, ideas, potential projects to settle on a theme or medium for a group project to be done in the next 4 days.


Day Three

  • Group project starts
  • Scavenger-hunt the cityscape of Isfahan for photographic possibilities


Day Four

-Group project continues

-Press conference for the guest at an art gallery in Isfahan

Day Five

  • Groupe project continues
  • Scavenger-hunt continues

Day Six

  • Workshop with the art students
  • Concluding the group project
  • Packing to leave for Tehran first thing next day

Day Seven

  • Return to Tehran
  • Settle down, rest

Day Eight

  • Lecture and Q&A with the guest at a gallery in Tehran. Alongside with film screening and photo gallery from the project in Isfahan

Day Nine

  • Leaving Tehran to the airport


During the program, some excursions to the natural scenes of the area are offered that are both recreational and useful for photographic opportunities.

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